How it all began

The idea of establishing IngSoft GmbH sprang from a master thesis in 1997. Karsten Reese, founder and managing director of IngSoft, who studied electrical engineering in Erlangen then was committed to dedicate his professional career to energy conservation. Specialized degrees on energy management did not exist at that time.

As part of his internship at the Energy Agency of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Karsten Reese had the opportunity to write a master thesis on the subject of "Energy controlling for small to medium-sized municipalities". The master thesis resulted in the software EasyWatt, which in turn led to the formation of IngSoft GmbH.

EasyWatt became better and better in close cooperation with the customers, while IngSoft developed (from 2000 "IngSoft InterWatt") a solution based on Internet technologies. While EasyWatt has been used exclusively in the municipal sector, since its launch in 2004, IngSoft InterWatt has been able to win over numerous customers from industry and commerce, as well as energy supply companies, thanks to its innovative features, ever-increasing automation and flexible application options.

What began in 1997 in a typical student flat share has now become a market-leading mid-sized software company. We justifiably claim to be a pioneer in energy management. In doing so, we again and again show a sure feeling for promising developments in energy management.

Karsten Reese
IngSoft Founder and CEO

The best of software developers and energy managers

Out of conviction , we are committed to your energy management goals and greater energy efficiency. Our diverse skills set, training backgrounds and personalities help us to find the best solution for you. We are not just software developers. Many colleagues have an energy engineering training or are certified energy managers. As such, we cover the full range of knowledge and know-how, in order to precisely understand your requirements and optimally support you in introducing your energy management system.

An insight into the know-how that IngSoft has accumulated in over 20 years can also be found in the book "DIN EN ISO 50001 in practice" by Karsten Reese (published by Vulkan-Verlag, second edition 2016, ISBN 978-3802723902)

Personal strengths put to optimal use

We are a well-established team. Most of us have been working at IngSoft for many years. Each and every one of us enriches the team in a very personal way and is specifically engaged in projects according to the individual strengths and talents. This is how we contribute to successful project implementation. In doing so, we actively communicate with each other in a transparent manner open to discussions. We deal with each other in a trusting and reliable manner. This is exactly how we treat our customers and partners.