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Effective energy management only with special software

Energy management is of benefit to all kinds of organizations: Companies, regional administrative bodies, churches, etc. of any size. The basis is always the knowledge about energy consumption. As soon as more than just a handful of energy meters are involved or electronic detection systems come into play, software is required to process consumption data.

The demands on processing energy data are quite different when it comes to detail. IngSoft InterWatt is the software solution that provides you with optimal support throughout all phases of implementation while also seamlessly growing along with your energy management needs.

With our fantastic team, we have been developing and supporting software for more than 20 years to help reduce the environmental footprint together with you. We are your partner for ensuring transparency of your energy consumption.

Karsten Reese
IngSoft Founder and CEO

Energy Manager

  • Raise your energy management to the next level with little effort and artificial intelligence (automatic sample detection).
  • Enjoy a lighter workload with the smart automation of data collection and data processing.
  • Customize the software according to your current and future requirements.


  • Enhance your company’s positive reputation with the highest possible energy efficiency.
  • IngSoft InterWatt allows you to optimize energy costs as a prerequisite for the ISO 50001 certification .
  • We are your reliable partner because we have been rooting for energy management for over 20 years. That is our core topic, not a byproduct.

IT Project Manager

  • The focus is on your needs: You decide whether you would like to host (minimum system requirements) or prefer a cloud solution. You define individual access rights.
  • Rely on our professional support (we take care of your users’ concerns) and regular updates.
  • You set the rights of your users and/or customers according to your specifications.

Facility Manager

  • IngSoft guides you as an experienced partner, structured around the topic of energy management.
  • Impress your employer with energy cost reductions and professional reports at the touch of a button. And all this with minimal additional effort.
  • High-quality energy management that you have never operated with such little effort, and into which you grow.

No matter where you are at in introducing energy management, our software helps you get there:

Above all, IngSoft InterWatt can guide you all the way through, as the software grows along with your needs.