Energy bills
and forecasts

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Digital support for all processes related to energy

Processes related to energy management within the organization may be integrated into IngSoft InterWatt. This allows you to raise significant potential for synergies:

Environmental management

IngSoft InterWatt not only records and analyzes energy levels and the associated costs and emissions, but also everything that can be measured: Water, sewage, raw materials and supplies, waste, etc. Many of our customers also use IngSoft InterWatt as a basis for environmental management.

Energy accounting

Do you have tenants or similar, to whom you regularly charge energy costs? IngSoft InterWatt offers the possibility to create revision-proof utility statements in the Enterprise Edition. All relevant workflows, such as correction invoices, are available.

Forecasting / Budgeting

Is one of your tasks to budget energy costs and regularly balance planned and actual costs? In future, IngSoft InterWatt will save you the need to run separate spreadsheet-based tools.

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