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The right choice - now and in the future

Since the year 1997, we have been dealing with the development of energy management software. That has been our clear focus right from the start.

More than 100 customers use IngSoft InterWatt for their energy management needs. Together they manage over 20,000 users, over 30,000 buildings and over 300,000 meters using our software. Thanks to its high flexibility, scalability, integration into existing systems and large range of features, the software may be used across industries. Details may be found in our user reports.

We provide you with an excellent tool to accurately perform all necessary evaluations and calculations with the help of the software, and to accomplish energy management tasks in the best possible way. A timely response to the results of a regularly measured and analyzed energy consumption will ensure energy management success.

Our highly qualified Support will help you get the most out of the software’s potential.

One thing you can be sure of: Thanks to the very high flexibility of IngSoft InterWatt, you will be able to unlock all future options. In principle, you can’t do anything wrong, because our software allows you to permanently map all future changes. This flexibility means investment security for you.

The basic system structure is shown in the IngSoft InterWatt system overview.

Did we convince you?

If you would like to get to know our IngSoft InterWatt energy management software better, please let us know. Write to us using the contact form or via email. We could also gladly arrange for an online presentation .