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Illustrate energy consumption from all perspectives

IngSoft InterWatt succeeds in the mapping of your structures irrespective of how much energy you consume, where you consume the energy and how your organization is structured. Different structures arise out of different perspectives. An example:

Spatially, the sample company consists of several plants, which in turn comprise several halls and hall levels.

From the point of view of the electrical department, there are feeders, main distributors, sub-distributors and outlets; power distribution has grown historically and deviates significantly from the hall structure. Other energy sources such as compressed air and heat each have a different distribution topology.

Organizationally, the company consists of various subsidiaries, many of which operate together in some plants. Some employees should be given access to energy data in their division, others should have general access.

Merchants are interested in the energy costs of the individual cost centers of a subsidiary; a cost center includes units from different halls; in many places, there is no direct measurement, the energy costs are split by fixed or variable keys.

Graphic navigation

You can use the graphical navigation to map your individual company structures. For example, you can save terrain maps or hall plans. How to find your way around IngSoft InterWatt intuitively and easily - even with very complex structures.

Everything changes - IngSoft InterWatt stays the course

IngSoft InterWatt works with arbitrarily deep structures, separating the meter level from the energy use area level, while supporting orthogonal classification systems. These classifications are not fixed, but are stored with a time reference, so that they may be mapped onto the new state in the event of changes without losing its history.
This allows an enhanced energy capture (e.g. additional intermediate readings or finer time-based resolution) to be easily retrofitted at a later time.
If you have many buildings, your CAFM system may be coupled or the master data may be created by means of mass imports with minimal effort.

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