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How can I use IngSoft InterWatt?

There are different ways to use IngSoft InterWatt. Get an initial overview here.

IngSoft InterWatt from the cloud spares you the setup of your own server, thus letting you Start straightaway. Your users simply access the browser. This is incomparably cheap especially for applications with few meters; the license can be purchased or leased to save money. By means of the small software component "IngSoft InterWatt SoftLogger",which may be locally installed on your site, it is also possible to link process control systems to cloud usage.
A shift from using the cloud to your own server is possible at a later date; purchased licenses can be moved.

A dedicated server may be of interest if, for instance, CAFM system interfaces are required, so that the user is allowed to login without a password (Single Sign On via an Active Directory connection) or where a company policy prohibits the use of cloud solutions.

IngSoft InterWatt may also be obtained through partners who sell the software together with services. Thanks to finely adjustable authorizations, it is possible to set any division of labor between you and the service provider. Our partners are happy to assist you.

If you yourself wish to use IngSoft InterWatt as a tool for services that you Sell to third parties, you may alsopurchase IngSoft InterWatt as an OEM version, which you can then get to look the way you want.

What does IngSoft InterWatt cost?

By using IngSoft InterWatt you are relying on a sophisticated software solution that is constantly being developed further. This is how you can use all features relevant to you without teething problems from the very first day onwards, and you are guaranteed to be able to work with the latest software for many years to come.

In contrast to common business models in the control technology environment, you can do all setup and conversion tasks in the software yourself. The software maintenance price includes all new versions/releases of the software, and your data is automatically transferred from one release to the next.

IngSoft InterWatt is available in three editions.

Basic scope of services, including more than 100 interfaces to data loggers, control systems, cost calculation, app for meter reading, reporting, etc.yesyesyes
Advanced calculation options such as energy signature and editor for complex energy KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) yesyes
Goals and action plans yesyes
Detailed action reports  yes
Use of own format templates, selection of sorting rules yesyes
Evaluation templates and overall dashboard configuration yesyes
Graphic navigation yesyes
More than one language  yes
sample detection  yes
Budgeting  yes
Utilities statement  yes

Number of meters used, which are monitored by the software. In this case, a meter can also comprise several data series (e.g. active and reactive energy) and is nevertheless only simply counted. In smaller scenarios with a few dozen meters, the decisive cost factor is the mandatory IngSoft InterWatt basic training. You can book this training from as low as € 890 (plus VAT).

For larger use cases, the number of meters is the relevant cost factor. Bulk pricing also makes IngSoft InterWatt attractive for large and very large scenarios. Depending on the edition, you will receive a meter in the leased model starting from € 1.80 (plus VAT) per month, including all cost components.

Operating IngSoft InterWatt on your own server means higher basic costs. However, this can lead to lower running costs for a large number of meters, depending on the cost structure of the IT infrastructure used.

  • Report template designer (for creating own report templates, which can then be used everywhere)
  • BACnet connection
  • OPC connection
  • Connection to an active directory for realizing a single sign-on
  • Interfaces to CAFM systems
  • Using a so-called branding module, the software can not only be provided with your company logo and use your company colors, it can also be set up so that your customers see their own logo after logging on to the system.
  • Data capture components such as the IngSoft InterWatt SoftLogger and the IngSoft InterWatt Field Service help to use data from existing control systems across firewall boundaries.

What system requirements apply to IngSoft InterWatt?

To use IngSoft InterWatt you just need a modern browser . The app is available for Android (version 4.1 and above) and iOS (version 8.0 and above).

To operate your own IngSoft InterWatt server , a powerful Microsoft SQL server is above all required. The Microsoft license required for this can be obtained from IngSoft. A special license of the SQL server is required (so-called SPLA license) if you want to allow third parties the use of IngSoft InterWatt, which is operated on your systems.

IngSoft InterWatt supports various installation scenarios, among others,

  • Simple server
  • Separate application and database server
  • Redundant installation on distributed systems/clusters

In all cases, the basis is a Microsoft Server operating system. IngSoft InterWatt supports all full versions of Microsoft Windows server or Microsoft SQL server, for which Microsoft offers basic or extended support.

Would you like to get to know IngSoft InterWatt?

If you would like to know more about our energy management software and get to know IngSoft InterWatt, we look forward to your request. Our sales team will be happy to advise you on the best option for you and come up with a binding offer. Also listen to success stories from customers in your industry, in order to estimate your returns (in the form of reductions in cost and effort).
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