Flexible evaluation
of energy flows

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Illustrating and assessing energy and media flows

IngSoft InterWatt allows you to map and evaluate all measurable energy and media flows within the organization. This not only takes into account the data series of the energy meters but also all other relevant data, including

  • In addition to primary consumption values, other values recorded by meters (e.g. reactive energy in the case of electric meters or flow and return temperatures in the case of heat meters) may also be recorded and evaluated.
  • Where appropriate, derivatives are calculated (e.g., power value from 1/4h consumption values).
  • All required variants are available for the mapping of real natural gas meters ; retroactive reporting of the calorific value of natural gas weeks later by the grid operator is also supported in this regard
  • Other meter types allow for the capture of all media (e.g. water, steam, petroleum, wood, etc.)
  • The costs associated with consumption may be mapped based on energy bills or rates ; IngSoft InterWatt controls all relevant rate varieties (such as monthly or annual performance prices, quantity scales, average price restrictions, etc.), as well as rate changes over time.
  • Emissions associated with energy consumption and primary energy consumption are calculated based on time-dependent factors.
  • Primary (e.g., outside temperature) and derived climate values (e.g., degree days) are calculated fully automaticallybased on data from national weather data providers.
  • Other influencing factors beyond climate, such as production or occupancy figures, may be automatically collected using the same powerful tools (meter reading orders, imports).

Special features of IngSoft InterWatt: Above the meter level, there is another level (called: energy ranges), which assigns importance to the values recorded in meters. This allows mapping, and thus, comparison and addition of, e.g. all buildings that have heat, power and water consumption. The calculation rules, as can be concluded from the meter flows on the consumption in the individual energy ranges, can be defined differently for different periods of time.

  • Free definition of interdisciplinary energy areas
  • Influencing variables can also be summarized on the whole.
  • Support also for generating plants (e.g. PV, CHP) as well as heat pumps
  • Assignment of meters via fixed (historicized) and dynamic factors (so-called distribution groups)
  • Subdivision of buildings to any extent
  • Subdivision of organizational units to any extent
  • One minute
  • Five minutes
  • Fifteen minutes
  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Fiscal year

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