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The energy report

Thought-out features of IngSoft InterWatt make it possible to collect all relevant information - including texts. As a result, the energy report is generated at the push of a button.

  • Notes related to area and time help the viewer to understand the correlations.
  • Proposals for actions can be stored, while information on implementation and effectiveness can be recorded later.
  • Any deviations detected (e.g. by monitoring systems) can be classified and commented on.
  • A special workflow supports you if you want to provide regular feedback to building users or energy managers.

The special highlight

Saved evaluations can also be used as templates, i.e. they no longer refer to a specific element, but this is automatically used each time they are called. This makes it possible to flexibly design individual dashboards that apply to a large number of, e.g. meters.


Evaluations (in graphical form or as Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV files) can be retrieved at any time. Special compilations can be stored permanently as saved evaluations together with a rule specifying how the displayed period of time should be adjusted for each call.

No configuration effort

The reports included work without further configuration and may be retrieved as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. There are reports for individual properties or parts thereof, as well as of a large number of properties; in which case you are also able to apply various filters.  Reports can also be subscribed, e.g. a report on branch X can be sent to the store manager on a monthly basis - without anyone having to have an active role in this case.
In many places, external documents may be uploaded to the system.

Report templates

Reports may be customized by using your own style sheets. Upon request, the entire web interface may be adapted to suit the customer's corporate design. Likewise, an optional report template designer is available to create your own report types.

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