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Energy controlling is the essential thing

The basis of every successful energy management is energy controlling, i.e. the regular assessment of the appropriateness of the consumption values. This can be a lot of work – IngSoft InterWatt offers a variety of tools that reduce the energy manager's effort to a minimum.

Does data flow as specified? Have all readers finished their meter reading orders? Do the recorded values match the current rates? A warning light system shows the energy manager the areas that need his attention and those, that do not.

Expected energy consumption

In places, where there are fixed upper and lower limits for the plausibly expected energy consumption, these can be stored in the system – violations may also lead to sudden change in the warning lights.

If the expected energy consumption can only be described as a function of one or more influencing variables, the "energy signature" feature will continue to help. IngSoft InterWatt helps you to find such features, based on historical data. The deviation of the actual value from the nominal value can be monitored and displayed as a speedometer.

Another monitoring option is the so-called water pipe rupture monitoring.

Diverse monitoring options

IngSoft InterWatt offers multiple options to display deviations from the defined limits/target values and nonconformities, or to check data for plausibility. You may arbitrarily specify individual parameters and benchmarks. There is also validation of scalable meter architecture in IngSoft InterWatt. This checks whether the sum of the consumption data of the sub-meters corresponds to the consumption quantity of the preliminary meter. The results of the review are quickly displayed by a warning light at a glance. An individual time offset (e.g. week, month, year, fiscal year) can also be taken into account.

Automatic sample detection

The special highlight is our exclusive sample detection. A sophisticated algorithm seeks out typical consumption profiles in the historical data. Taking several factors into account, all newly collected data is compared with permissible consumption profiles. The algorithm decides whether the consumption trend for a new day is noticeable and only presents the conspicuous days to the user for assessment. This makes it possible to exploit all the information contained in many hundreds to thousands of meters.


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