Reliable data collection

Here we go again - IngSoft at EMEX in London for the second time

After a break due to corona, we are venturing abroad again. We will be represented once again at the EMEX - the Energy Management Exhibition - in London.


For the first time: IngSoft at the Greener Manufacturing Show

Meet us on 10 and 11 November at the Greener Manufacturing Show in Cologne, Europe's largest environmental trade fair focusing on environmentally friendly...


The new IngSoft InterWatt product video has arrived!

Starring: Mrs. Stadler and IngSoft InterWatt.


Reliable data availability

In order for energy data to be easily evaluated, the data availability must be reliable:

  • Data must be available from all the meters that are crucial for the evaluation.
  • There must be no gaps in the data.
  • If gaps in the data were conveyed as zeroes, a single 48-hour loss of data per year would suggest 0.5% energy savings, which in fact did not exist.
  • Even worse, individual implausible values may have an impact: transposed digits in a manual reading or a faulty value, e.g. as a result of a reboot of process control technology may lead to a single (false) high consumption value, thus compromising all sums (for instance, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly totals).

The requirement for error-free and comprehensive consumption values is therefore significantly higher than, for instance, in the field of building or process control technology, where temporary failures or faults only have short-term effects.

Automated processes

IngSoft InterWatt relieves you of data collection and data maintenance through automated processes and proven algorithms:

  • Orders for manual readings e.g. by means of the app supplied are automatically generated, and the readers are prompted accordingly - including an escalation level following the second reminder.
  • The reader immediately receives a Feedback in the app as to whether a value is plausible, even if it has no reception in the boiler room.
  • Receipt of data deliveries from external systems is monitored and the person responsible is informed in the case of failures.
  • Validation algorithms intelligently decide which values to ignore in the event of gross deviations or conflicting values.
  • By means of interpolation, substitute values are generated in compliance with standards

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