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Digitized, automated energy management

IngSoft InterWatt supports you through all imaginable configuration intensities for your energy management.

  • First, get an overview of your energy consumption based on existing energy bills
  • Use data such as load profiles, which your energy provider / network operator / meter operator charges anyway
  • Integrate all existing systems, such as building control (BC), process control (PC), computer-aided facility management (CAFM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP). Automatic import of energy data from LoRa base stations is also possible.
  • Optionally, set up regular manual data capture (e.g. via an app) or using data loggers
  • Refine your energy management over time with additional meters, by using automatic detection, linking to your (future) smart meters.
  • Benefit from features such as Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies.
  • Extend the recording of energy levels by an exact calculation of associated emissions and/or costs.
  • Use the data for billing verification or to create utility statements
  • First and foremost: IngSoft InterWatt enables you to be prepared for all possible scenarios and will be flexible permanently!

If energy consumption data at your organization is already well-structured (e.g. an Excel list for all meters), the entry into the energy management may be done using good software, and can be achieved with only a few man-days depending on the complexity of your organization.
Of course, we regularly provide you with various seminars for the classification of the software as part of overall energy management, as well as for the software application itself. This is how you learn to use the software with purpose and meaning, in order to achieve your specifications. If you are a facility manager, you may also see energy management as an opportunity to set yourself apart from your colleagues.

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