What is
energy management?

Here we go again - IngSoft at EMEX in London for the second time

After a break due to corona, we are venturing abroad again. We will be represented once again at the EMEX - the Energy Management Exhibition - in London.


For the first time: IngSoft at the Greener Manufacturing Show

Meet us on 10 and 11 November at the Greener Manufacturing Show in Cologne, Europe's largest environmental trade fair focusing on environmentally friendly...


The new IngSoft InterWatt product video has arrived!

Starring: Mrs. Stadler and IngSoft InterWatt.


Increasing energy efficiency

Energy management, from the point of view of an energy-consuming organization, is about reducing energy consumption and/or related costs.

The key way to reach this goal: Increasing energy efficiency - i.e. achieving the same returns with less energy. If an industrial business produces significantly more than in the previous year, both absolute consumption and absolute energy costs may increase year-on-year, but a decrease in energy consumption relative to the volume produced successfully increases energy efficiency.

Is energy management worth it?