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Energy management with system

When developing our energy management software, we always think one step ahead and take into account all aspects of energy management. Rely on IngSoft InterWatt during all phases – during preparation and launch, as well as operation and further expansion.

The four phases

IngSoft InterWatt at a glance

IngSoft InterWatt is full of innovative solutions for your energy
management. The software offers maximum flexibility in data connection and evaluation, among other things. Artificial intelligence, such as automatic pattern recognition and other automations relieve your workday. See more in our product video.

IngSoft InterWatt

Here’s what our customers say

IngSoft InterWatt is industry-neutral, in use among large and small companies, various municipalities and public institutions. Take a look at our references and user reports to convince yourself of the many features offered.



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11. March 2020

IngSoft InterWatt basic training

Participate in the IngSoft InterWatt basic training - practical and intensive - and receive a detailed insight into our energy management software.



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19. August 2019

The new IngSoft InterWatt product video has arrived!

Starring: Mrs. Stadler and IngSoft InterWatt.


16. August 2019

IngSoft continues to grow

The continuously growing number of employees made additional room capacities unavoidable.


12. July 2019

Your friend and helper anytime, anywhere: IngSoft InterWatt Online Help

I'm just not getting anywhere. How can I set the performance indicators in IngSoft InterWatt? I also wonder how I can use them effectively afterwards. My view of the clock says 6:12 pm. Great. Now the IngSoft support is no longer available by phone either.