Your friend and helper anytime, anywhere: IngSoft InterWatt Online Help

I'm just not getting anywhere. How can I set the performance indicators in IngSoft InterWatt? I also wonder how I can use them sensibly afterwards. How does it work? My view of the clock says 18:12. Even that. Unfortunately, IngSoft support is no longer available by phone.

Has it ever happened to you like this before? No reason for frustration! Our online user manual will also answer many of your questions. It is very conscientiously maintained and explains the functionalities of IngSoft InterWatt in detail.

Always up to date

In constant coordination with development and quality assurance, a continuous high quality of the online help is created. The information is flexibly adapted at any time by our employees and expanded, for example, by new information. This is a huge advantage over a manual that is published for each new version. This allows us to react flexibly to changes. If there are frequent requests for certain workflows, we supplement the explanations and tips so that all users can benefit from them. Our team, which is responsible for the user documentation, is always in a position to further adapt and expand the already detailed descriptions and explanations. User-friendliness is constantly being improved.

Accessible everywhere and easy to use

Apart from its flexibility and topicality, the online manual offers you further advantages: Terms explained elsewhere are linked with a hyperlink to the corresponding article and thus facilitate quick navigation through the various articles. This gives you an overview of the interrelationships. You don't just understand individual functions, you see the big picture.

The IngSoft InterWatt online help is not only available to you at any time, but can also be opened from anywhere. The structure of the primary content page depends on the structure of task groups and tasks - based on the familiar structure of the IngSoft InterWatt software. So you know right away where to look for the corresponding article.

A glossary offers additional possibilities to find keywords of the software directly. You can also use tips and tricks, which you generally use in browsers, to make the operation easier. Zooming in to make reading easier, for example, or opening several browser tabs at the same time, additionally support efficient work.

The shortest way to your destination

The answer to your question can be found in various ways in the online help. The probably shortest and fastest way is always the direct link. It leads from IngSoft InterWatt directly to the online help: No matter which task you are on, you always have the possibility to click on the question mark at the top right edge. There you will finally be offered three direct links: to the table of contents, to the glossary or to the respective detailed article of the task you have just called up. If the information listed there does not help you, there is the possibility of accessing further articles or using hyperlinks in the text via the "Further information" section in each article.

Another possibility is to use the glossary: In this index many articles are linked, in which the term either occurs or is explained. As a further tip, we recommend the usual browser functionalities. For example, you can use the search function within the browser window to search for terms on the page you are currently viewing. The search function opens in the browser window when you press the key combination "Ctrl "+"F".

If your wishes still remain unfulfilled

Do you need more detailed information this time? Our friendly support colleagues will be happy to answer your questions by phone or e-mail during regular business hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.. We also take up your suggestions for the extension of existing explanations. So be sure that the online help will be continuously optimized for you.