The operation on the nervous system went well, the patient is in good health

Our development team is currently working very concentrated and focused on some software innovations for the upcoming release 19.3. Besides some small details that should further relieve you in your daily work, the release also contains very profound changes.

The most important change concerns the extended functional range of user rights. These new features are inevitably based on changes in all existing parts of the software. Not always visible, but far-reaching. All in all, this is a comprehensive intervention in the depths of the individual features and thus in the "nervous system" of IngSoft InterWatt. So the changes to the rights groups and user rights were far from being a routine intervention.

But now we announce: The operation went well, the patient is healthy and alert and is currently in the test phase. He will be released soon. However, we still have to put him through his paces.

Nevertheless, we would like to give you an outlook on the innovations that have been completed so far. You can look forward to this:

Rights groups and user rights

With the help of rights groups and rights modules, the setting of user rights is simplified. There are now a handful of predefined sets of rights, which we call rights groups: For example, there is a rights group "meter reader", which contains all the rights a meter reader needs. You then assign such rights set to specific persons (for example, "Mr. Miller") on a specific element (for example, organizational unit "Plant 1"). Mr. Miller then has all the rights he needs as a meter reader for this organizational unit and all elements below it. And you proceed in exactly the same way with "Mr. Miller" in plant 2.

You have already been able to achieve this goal, but until now you have had to select the same rights level in more than a dozen selection boxes for Mr. Miller and Mr. Meier.  This quickly led to different settings.

And if IngSoft InterWatt once again got new functions that were protected by new rights, you may have had to make changes to all persons at all points of the assignment. From now on we maintain the predefined rights groups, so that you do not have to become active here anymore.

Within the framework of the new rights management, we have implemented even more consistently that users only see those tasks and elements that they actually need. This makes the software even clearer for the users. In addition, the new rights also ensure that only those functions can be used that are also included in the purchased license. For example, in older license models, only the actually licensed data drivers are still available.

In most of the cases you will reach your goal with our predefined rights groups. However, if you have special requirements, you can put together your own rights groups from so-called rights modules. For example, if you want your meter readers to be able to set limits for alarms, you can define and use your own rights group.

Users of the Enterprise-Edition can even put together own rights modules from the more than 500 basic rights. However, it is recommended to do this in consultation with our support to avoid contradictory rights modules.

License information and sublicenses

You want to know how many meters you have already set-up and how many you have licensed? Now you can check all these conditions in the task License Information.

In addition, if you map sub-customers or other constellations on your system, you can define sublicenses independently and release them for organizational units accordingly.

Extension of existing features

You have always wondered what you do with a person who leaves the company? Now you can easily deactivate them. In IngSoft InterWatt, you can directly transfer the responsibilities of the leaving user, such as reading responsibilities, to another person.
The line display has always bothered you? Then we have good news. Following your request, which you expressed at the User Conference 2019, we have now renewed it. The staircase display has become a connecting line.
You want to check completed meter reading lists again or view photos taken by the IngSoft InterWatt Mobile App? Now you can view both open and closed meter reading lists at any time.
Now you can freely define which report templates, rights groups and rights modules are displayed below. You can do this using the advanced settings on the organizational unit.
Now, with the help of IngSoft InterWatt, you can also automatically forward the automatically generated reports of a report subscription to other people.