10. April 2019

A round thing!

For a long time now, the Häde family has been focusing on the conscious use of energy in their sample poultry yard. Sustainability and energy efficiency play an important role. On the website of the Geflügelhof it says: "We would like to serve as a role model with our ecological management". The words are followed by deeds.

Sonnenei entsteht

Vor über 20 Jahren wurde auf dem Familienbetrieb die erste kleine Photovoltaikanlage installiert. Damals war das alles andere als gewöhnlich. Der Anfang war gemacht, das Projekt Sonnenei entstand. Mittlerweile befindet sich eine große Photovoltaikanlage auf dem Hühnerstall sowie mehrere Photovoltaik-Nachführsysteme in den Ausläufen. Für das Heizen von Stallungen und weiteren Gebäuden betreibt die Familie Häde zudem zwei Blockheizkraftwerke. Sie werden aus einer Biogasanlage in der Nachbarschaft gespeist.

Next step: Energy audit

But this was not enough for the ambitious operators of the poultry farm. First, an energy audit was carried out on the farm to better identify potential energy savings. Christian Bürkel, energy auditor at IngSoft, travelled to Alheim-Heinebach for two farm inspections. From the electric feeding automat, the heating for the rearing and the ventilation of the barn up to the cooling of the warehouse. "We have taken a close look at all the producers and consumers at the poultry farm. The measuring concept is now based on this. By the way, the data is collected via the data loggers of our partner Ingenieurbüro Lertes", says Bürkel.

Next but one step: energy management

The Häde family doesn't do things by halves. They want to discover and exploit the full savings potential. The energy management platform ennexOS is used for this purpose. This enables both private individuals and commercial users to manage their energy management. At least for trade customers, whose energy management can be comprehensive and complex, ennexOS is based in substantial parts on the energy management software IngSoft InterWatt. Thanks to the energy management system, the operators of the poultry farm always have a close eye on electricity consumption and generation. They can detect and analyze irregularities and savings promptly and act accordingly. A large battery storage system is to be installed on the farm in the near future. This will also be based on the evaluations of the energy monitoring system in order to optimally design the storage facility.

From consumer to producer

Electricity generation now exceeds electricity consumption. Since January 2018, the family has been marketing this surplus electricity directly on the electricity exchange via the SMA SPOT portal.

Sonnenei does not do things by halves. Out of conviction the entire value chain of the poultry farm is supposed to be sustainable and efficient. A systematic and holistic energy management is an essential component.