16. August 2021

An sympathatic ear

The number of our customers is constantly growing, and so are the demands on our software. In order to still react quickly and competently, IngSoft has, among other things, expanded its support team. In the following you will get an overview of the team's competences and we will introduce you to our new colleagues.

Our expertise for your needs

We are an experienced and multi-professional team. This enables us to respond in the most effective was to the demands of our customers. In order to always provide you with the best possible service, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and service quality. This happens through daily challenges and an intense exchange between different departments, such as development, quality assurance, sales and the support. On a regular basis we take part in internal training courses.

Solution-oriented thinking and the ambition to find the best possible approach for you is our ultimate goal. Your work with IngSoft InterWatt should be as efficient as possible.

We we want to enable you sustainably to help yourself in case of future difficulties.

Our areas of responsibility

Our areas of responsibility are as diverse as the needs and requirements of our users.

Trainings for our software IngSoft InterWatt

For newcomers
In our IngSoft InterWatt basic training we offer you first detailed insights into the user interface and the various application possibilities of IngSoft InterWatt. Either in a face-to-face training or in an online training we will show you effective application scenarios of our software. You will learn how to make your work processes more efficient with IngSoft InterWatt.
In our basic training, for example, you will learn how to map your structures, evaluate your consumption and consequently optimise your energy consumption.

For experts
Our IngSoft InterWatt expert training is aimed at users who are well experienced with IngSoft InterWatt. In this training we deal in detail with only one specific focus topic at a time. This can be, for example, a new feature or a specific use case. We go into depth and focus on your concerns and questions in these trainings. The expert trainings take place either in presence or digitally.

Use case support - help with technical difficulties

Sometimes you get stuck in your day-to-day work. Let us know.
We will analyse the situation with you and find a solution. Through our colleagues from development, product management and IT, we have the special experts on board for every question. We keep the internal paths short.
We are always transparent in finding solutions. We try to provide you with the tools to solve problems so that you can find a solution yourself in similar situations in the future.

Close cooperation between support and development

You want to give us feedback on our software? Can't find a certain feature? Does the software not react as you expect it to in certain use cases?
Please contact us. This is the only way we can continuously optimize IngSoft InterWatt for you. Due to the close cooperation between the support team and the development department we work efficiently on the implementation of your requests.

Beyond direct customer support

In addition to active user support, we continuously update our training materials, adapting them to new features of IngSoft InterWatt. We also keep our user wikis up to date. From time to time we create videos to support you in your daily work, so you can look directly over the shoulder of a member of our support team and learn about innovations in the software.

Our new colleagues

The support team has recently welcomed some new colleagues.

Here you can see our whole support team.

1st row from left: Amelie Schmidt, Christian Heddenhausen, Lena Kaiser, Laura Fleischmann, Thomas Fischbäck
2nd row from left: Fabian Kirstner, Artur Takhtaganov, Christian Bauer
3rd row from left: Christian Bürkel, Amine Dhaouadi, Fabian Schiller

Christian Heddenhausen
In addition to classic customer support, Christian Heddenhausen is also in charge of our training courses. There, he shows users how to get the most out of the software.

Laura Fleischmann
Laura Fleischmann has been supporting IngSoft in support since June 2021. She identifies future topics of focus and works on the further development of IngSoft InterWatt. She supports the support team in classic customer support, accompanies companies during the introduction of IngSoft InterWatt, conducts training courses together with her colleagues and is involved in product management.

Amine Dhaouadi
Amine Dhaouadi is a working student in the support team. He is studying power engineering. He answers customers' questions  and works with them to drive energy efficiency forward.

Artur Takhtaganov
Artur Takhtaganov studies energy engineering and works with the support team since November 2020. In the classic customer support he advises you on all questions concerning the application of IngSoft InterWatt.

Contact with our support team

Would you like to contact us? Then get in touch by mail at support@ingsoft.de or by phone Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 at +49 (911) 430879-200.