10. July 2018

Do your service charge settlement with IngSoft InterWatt

Probably you take many steps on the way to the final service charge settlement so far. Presumably, the entry of consumption or counter readings, the maintenance of costs and finally the creation of billing is complicated and conducted in different systems, for example in Excel lists or in SAP. With IngSoft InterWatt you can simplify and partly automate these workflows.

You enter consumption data directly into IngSoft InterWatt and maintain the costs there in ordert to evaluate them. With the push of a button, after a short setup of the cost centers, you can now let out monthly statements. The accounting periods can only be carried out gaplessly, so that no accounting can be forgotten. In IngSoft InterWatt, you also have the option of maintaining your own tariffs as well as the tariffs that are to be used as a basis for further billing.

The process for retrieving a service charge settlement in InterWatt is an approval process. Several people can be involved before a draft becomes the final service charge settlement.

This makes it possible to check the service charge settlement several times and finally only send correct and approved version. The entire process is historicized and is therefore fully traceable for you at all times.

The service charge settlement itself ist also traceable: Both an exact breakdown of the billing bases according to consumption per energy area and month, as well as an exact recording of meters and counter makes each billed kWh and each tariff item clearly recognizable.

This new feature is subject to licensing. As a current user of IngSoft InterWatt, you will find further information on service charge settlement in our UserWiki, under the task category "energy calculations".