16. March 2020

Easy working with IngSoft InterWatt: The search field

Today we have news from our series "tips and tricks". Here, we will introduce you to features, tips and assistance that will make your everyday work easier. Today in focus: the search field in IngSoft InterWatt.

Search and find

The energy monitor offers you a keyword search, as you surely know from other programs. You enter a word, and all elements that can be searched for in the software, e.g. in the name of this word, are presented to you as a result. You can open them directly either in the same window or in a new window (right click -> open in new tab) and navigate efficiently through the software.

Further options

To refine your search and make it easier for you, the search field offers additional filters. As a result, only specifically limited results are displayed.
Restriction "From here" vs. "Everywhere"

On the one hand, you can search independently of the currently selected element - i.e. everywhere in the area of the software that is visible to you. On the other hand, you can restrict the search area. Let's assume you have already gone as far as an organizational unit and now you want to know whether there are elements called "School" exclusively here. Then set the filter to "From here" and you will get results only from the selected element.

Restriction to element

To follow on from the above example, let us now assume that you are not looking for all the existing elements, but only an energy property called "school". Then you filter additionally for this element. The element filter offers you very extensive restriction possibilities. Not only structural elements can be filtered, but also goals and action plans, tariffs or saved evaluations can be searched for explicitly.

Extended restriction

In addition, we offer you the possibility of searching not only for the designations you have assigned yourself, but also, for example, for all meters with a specific medium, or a counter with a specific meter number. You will find these extended possibilities under the element filter "Extended".

Insider tip

You must enter a search term in the search field. It is a keyword search. But surely you have asked yourself: "Where did I create this saved analysis?" Of course, you also did not remember under which name you had saved it. This makes a search impossible. But there is a trick to it. If you have set your filters - suitable for our example - so that saved analyses are searched for "from here", enter the percentage sign (%) as a placeholder. Then the search will show you all elements to which the filters apply.