21. March 2019

How IngSoft InterWatt learned to swim

In order to achieve the bindingly agreed climate protection targets by 2050, the transport sector in particular must not be ignored. Almost one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany (18%) in 2015 were attributable to the transport sector. These include domestic flights, road, rail and, of course, national shipping. While emissions in other sectors were significantly reduced between 1990 and 2016, they were even slightly higher in the transport sector than in 1990! (Special report of the German Council of Environmental Experts, November 2017, "Climate protection in the transport sector: a change of course") So it is high time here to significantly increase energy efficiency and thus reduce emissions and costs considerably. IngSoft and bremenports GmbH & Co. KG start right here.

Safe to your destination by pilot

The energy management of the port management company, which has been ISO 50001 certified since 2016, decided in 2018: the large data flow of the energy and invoice data to be processed is to be navigated with the help of an experienced pilot. The previously rather complex and time-consuming data acquisition was replaced by the energy management software IngSoft InterWatt.  "Digitalized energy management by professionals for professionals" based on more than 20 years of software development and support will now also bring bremenports safely to its goal in the future.

More than 300 main meters, mainly electricity, gas and marine diesel, are recorded. The scope of the bremenports and the special assets managed by them covers locks, bridges, pumping stations, signal boxes for the port railway, point heating systems, workshops and office buildings, cathodic corrosion protection and the Land vehicle fleet. Last but not least, of course, the largest energy consumers also receive attention: the ships - folding barges, dredgers, flushing, working and surveying ships. All these "floating properties" have found their place in IngSoft InterWatt.

Make clean sweep

A valid database is created with the help of IngSoft InterWatt. An interdepartmental, central data storage as well as the connection of automatically recorded sub meters bring structure into energy management. The large flood of data is handled without difficulty. In addition, invoice data collection is considerably simplified through the use of tariff costs in IngSoft InterWatt. Since information about the location of individual meters is important here, the existing geoinformation system of the port operator is connected. Another plus is the extension of the mobile app of IngSoft InterWatt. It now enables the recording of location data as well as the reliable and time-saving recording of all meters not recorded electronically. In the medium term, data from energy suppliers will also flow into IngSoft InterWatt via an MSCONS interface. The result: a clear energy landscape and thus the essential improvement of the basic prerequisite for effective energy management.

Underestimated energy properties

"Mobile energy properties" are not only important in ports. They also play a role in other industries - floating, flying or driving. Experience shows that a company's vehicle fleet is often an underestimated energy guzzler. Take a chain store, for example: its focus in energy management must not be limited to the energy consumption and energy costs of its stores alone. The fleet of their delivery vans should also always be taken into account. The transport sector has great potential for improvement, not only in terms of climate targets. Many companies also ignore the topic of mobility in their efforts to achieve energy efficiency. It should be worth taking a closer look - try it!