18. March 2020

Initial setup of your energy management system

The first step has been taken. You now have anenergy management software. What's next? We will not leave you alone with this question. We support you with the initial setup of IngSoft InterWatt.

Every beginning is hard

What is important? What settings should you make in advance to save time later? Our support team is always available for brief explanations and assistance. However, to help you clarify important questions and make the right basic decisions even before you set up the software, we now offer a short guide to the initial setup of the energy management software in our online help from version 19.3.

The setup of such a system is rather complex. It is worthwhile to think thoroughly about the essential settings in the system in advance so that you can save yourself as much work as possible afterwards. Because that is the goal: saving work and time. Think carefully about the settings you want and should make. Due to the inheritance principle in IngSoft InterWatt, these settings will have a negative effect on the system. The guide in our online help gives you clarity on some of the issues. Please read them carefully before you start setting up the software. Then you will avoid subsequent fundamental changes. Because making these changes later on involves unnecessary and not insignificant effort.

Therefore, our assistance begins with the planning of the structure.

Laying the groundwork

Get an overview first:

  • Which meters are available?
  • What is measured?
  • What do I want to map with it?
  • What do I have to calculate?

Clarify your goals:

  • What do I want to evaluate later?
  • What do I want a report on?
  • How do I best find my way around the structure?

Clarify prerequisites:

  • What can and should be automated?
  • How should this be done?

The questions and considerations asked here vary from industry to industry. However, the basic principle remains the same. In terms of content, for example, units or energy properties may represent something different for an industrial customer (e.g. machines or parts of a hall) than for a public sector customer (building-based). In addition, certain conditions require different divisions of the system - for example, energy certificates or industry reports.

Many roads lead to Rome

As soon as you have an initial overview, which you have at best obtained in one of our basic training courses, you can start setting up. You will also save time in the implementation phase by making certain preliminary settings and understanding the connections.

A simple example of options to be pre-set is a very simple mechanism: Create media and tariffs first before you create meters. When setting up meters, you must assign them in any case. Do the other way round, you will be making unnecessary effort.

In addition, you can make certain default settings on the organizational units that simplify the creation and the necessary assignments when creating energy properties and units.

In IngSoft InterWatt the principle often applies: Many roads lead to Rome. You only have to find the one that suits you. This also applies to the basic setup of your structure. You decide which settings you make first or how you proceed when creating your meters. However, some tips and tricks will help in any case - you can read them in more detail in the online help.

No one is born a master

We have already set up countless structures for customers from various industries. In doing so, we have also already overcome hurdles that you may still be facing. Our competent support team will be happy to offer you further assistance with the set-up consultation if the online help does not help you here.

There are also various ways in which we can support you with additional services during the set-up process. Just ask!