11. September 2018

Klinikum Mittelbaden signs contract with IngSoft

The clinic has already gained initial experience with the energy management software IngSoft InterWatt via an energy service provider. Now, however, the energy management is to be further developed in direct cooperation with IngSoft.

Among other things, the automatic data acquisition from GLT systems and data loggers is to be intensified. Appropriate interfaces have been commissioned. The responsible persons at the hospital also considered the use of an app to be important. With the help of IngSoft InterWatt, 14 properties with around 300 meters are monitored.

Klinikum Mittelbaden gGmbH is a network of five acute clinics, five nursing facilities, palliative care centres, a dementia centre, a hospice and other day care and nursing service facilities. Around 900 beds are available in the acute inpatient area. Around 3250 people are employed at the Mittelbaden Clinic.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!