15. August 2018

Mapping of combined heat and power plants (CHP) in IngSoft InterWatt

You would like to monitor a self-operated combined heat and power plant (CHP) in IngSoft InterWatt, evaluate its efficiency and analyse its consumption? The integration can take place into the existing building structure, which has already been created in IngSoft InterWatt. The mapping can be arbitrarily complex. In addition, both computational and metrological methods can be applied. However, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Define goals

When creating a CHP plant in IngSoft InterWatt it must be clear in advance what exactly can and should be calculated, evaluated, distributed and mapped. These considerations play an important role in the decision-making process. For an industrial company with high production quantities and electricity/heat resale, for example, it is very important to know which quantities reach which end consumer. Depending on the desired goals and results, the user must first decide on the type of mapping in IngSoft InterWatt and the measurement concept. Based on this, the wishes and circumstances with regard to consumption, costs and emissions must be analysed on a case-by-case basis.

Answering important questions

In order to simplify this analysis, some things should be checked in advance:

  • How many and which meters are affected?
  • How many properties or sub-units must be included?
  • Have suitable tariffs and media already been recorded?
  • How good is the quality (completeness) of the existing data?

An initial analysis of a combined heat and power plant requires sound data. A local combined heat and power plant installation structure and the connected meters are also helpful here. The tariff modules and media properties can also be researched and entered in advance. This makes it easier for you to get an overview of the subsequent setup.

It is also important to decide which mapping and evaluation options are available and which of them are actually needed later, for example to evaluate losses or represent energy flows.

Professional consulting

We will be pleased to assist you in these decisions regarding the integration of your CHP unit. We define your controlling goals together in a consultation. Our support team also supports you in the question of how the losses can be distributed.

We advise you on the following points:

  • Analysis of existing requirements
  • Mapping possibilities
  • Adjustment of consumption assignments
  • Checking the pre-counter structure
  • Assignment and verification of media and tariffs
  • Create distribution groups
  • Verification of the results in the Sankey diagram

If you would like to integrate a CHP unit into IngSoft InterWatt, please contact us. 

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