23. July 2018

New release 18.3 for IngSoft InterWatt

The current release 18.3 for IngSoft InterWatt contains helpful adjustments and additions. Many of these changes provide a better overview and ease your daily workload.

Changes affecting all licensees:

New calculation behavior for "network charges" tariff variables

It is now possible to create rate modules that can be calculated on the basis of full hours of use. According to the German Electricity Network Charges Ordinance (StromNEV), this is necessary for network charges, as two zones charge for. Similar to the quantity scales, these limits can now be created in IngSoft InterWatt.

Status notifications

The status displays for the individual tasks are a valuable tool for keeping track of the status of the system. A user can now determine on an element (usually he will select the top element visible to him) that he wants to be actively informed by e-mail as soon as the status of a task deteriorates. He can then log in to analyze the problem and take appropriate action if necessary. The added value is especially given for those users who work with the system only occasionally.

Alerts from monitoring are now displayed as anomalies

Up to now, the monitoring of exceeding or shortfalling below limit values was also displayed under the log messages. The same was true until now for alarms. Now anomalies and log messages are separated.

The advantages for you: A clean, long-term and clear documentation of anomalies is guaranteed. System-related problems are now separate from limit violations. The use of status notifications gives you a better overview.

Rights for report subscriptions

As a user, you are now supported in creating report subscriptions so that the system directly checks whether the report recipient has certain basic rights that may be required to receive a complete report. This makes the report much easier to use and, as a user, you may be notified that the report may be empty because the recipient has too few rights.

Migration of old reports to EnMon

The standard reports "Monthly report", "Combined monthly report", "Annual report" and "Combined graphic report", which previously went via the logic of the Structure Editor, will be moved to the new report generation of the Energy Monitor. In addition, "Energy report" and "Energy report (compact)" are available to all users by default. You have the advantage that you can also include optionally saved evaluations from the respective element in the report. The options to be set for a standard report are summarized in the user wiki.

Changes affecting licensed modules

Forecast module

Adjustment of the list evaluation Comparison of actual and forecast values: This can now be reproduced to annual resolution on a key date, and the list is extended by predicted energy factors via meters. Thus, the module meets the high demands of commercial processes.

List evaluations

Data quality and tariff overview have been adjusted and improved.

To view the complete release notes, please log in to the user wiki.