19. March 2020

New ways to get to know us

The coronavirus is increasingly bringing public and social life to a standstill. As a software company, we have taken up the cause of digitalized energy management - and we have been living this digitalization in our internal processes for some time now. We are therefore in the fortunate position that the restrictions affect us as a company minimally. For you - our customers and those interested - we are available without restriction.

We appreciate the direct contact to our customers and those interested in our software. Even in the past we have - mainly for reasons of climate protection - sometimes visited you digitally, with remote presentations or remote support. In the coming weeks this will be more frequent than before.

It is new though that we also offer longer training sessions online - in an adapted form that takes into account the specific advantages and disadvantages of remote training.

New format "IngSoft InterWatt at a glance"

Are you interested in our energy management software and want to get a first impression? Our training "IngSoft InterWatt at a glance" will be held from now on every Tuesday at 11:00 am in a modular online format, as a webinar. The webinar lasts 45 minutes. Further information about this webinar can be found here.

In the webinar you will also learn how to get to know the software in practical use.

IngSoft InterWatt basic training and IngSoft InterWatt expert training

We now also offer our IngSoft InterWatt basic training for experienced prospective and new customers in the new online format. Details will be available on our website shortly.

The same applies to the IngSoft InterWatt expert training. Details of this will also be published on our website shortly.

Check back regularly, stay up to date.