20. March 2019

Own server, hosting at IngSoft, Microsoft Azure? You have the choice.

Energy management depends on a reliable database and effective efficiency measures. This requires connecting different data sources, providing access tools on different devices and ensuring reliable operation of the data collection. In addition, there is a client-server architecture and the management of updates. This can be a complex matter. But it doesn't have to be.

How would you like it?

Depending on your priority, there is a suitable option for you: energy management on your own server, at IngSoft in hosting or in the Microsoft cloud. Anything is possible. Just the way you want it.

Full control

Are you subject to strict IT department regulations? Is outsourcing of data forbidden in your company? No problem - run IngSoft InterWatt on your own servers. So you always have full control over your data and updates. A relocation from hosting is also uncomplicated. Thanks to automated processes during software provision, you can - if you wish - have approx. 4 updates a year that are almost as up to date as you otherwise only know them from cloud solutions. IngSoft can also monitor the health status of your server (e.g. the database level) and proactively contact your IT department so that failures can be avoided before they become noticeable to users.

Make yourself comfortable

Would you like regular updates with new functions that correct any errors and implement new regulations? All of this without any additional effort? Then simply purchase IngSoft InterWatt as Software as a Service. All you need is a browser or a mobile device. A service provider takes care of the rest. This is also where you have the choice: In addition to convenient hosting in our IngSoft data center, the cloud platform Microsoft Azure is also available to you.

"IngSoft InterWatt was developed from the beginning as a highly scalable and multi-client capable application. We have always moved to the latest Internet technologies. Therefore, our solution is ideally suited for operation on Microsoft Azure. We do not use Infrastructure as a Service, but use the special Cloud variants, e.g. the database. This is how we get the most out of the cloud," explains Karsten Reese, CEO of IngSoft.

Can it be a bit more?

At IngSoft, you don't just decide how you want to run your energy management software. You also have full flexibility when it comes to service. You decide how much and which additional service you want to use.

Always up-to-date software and highly qualified, german-speaking user support - that's the least you can expect from us. Would you also like detailed advice on the introduction of the energy management software? With pleasure. Would you also like to leave the data maintenance to us? We'd be pleased to. Should we take care of your energy management completely? We'd be pleased to. We are entirely geared to your needs.