22. March 2019

Planning the future, monitoring the past - the IngSoft InterWatt budget and forecast module

Commercial controlling has long been established in many companies. An important component of controlling is budget planning, which in turn is based on forecasts of key parameters that influence revenue and costs. Where energy costs account for a significant proportion of total costs, energy consumption and energy costs must therefore be taken into account in budget planning and control.

The tool of choice in controlling is usually Excel tables. On the other hand, companies, especially energy cost-intensive companies, live energy management systems according to ISO 50001 - with correspondingly powerful software. Energy data is then maintained twice. That is connected with manual work and many possibilities to make errors.

Enough of double data maintenance

The budget and forecast module in IngSoft InterWatt offers you a way to put an end to the annoying double data maintenance! In IngSoft InterWatt energy management and energy controlling grow together. The data is merged at the point where the consumption data is already available. And with this the Excel lists are again moving a bit away from your energy management process.

The budget and forecast module provides an easy way to plan and control energy costs according to standard controlling processes for each meter or energy factor. The planning is done per month and allows an always current forecast, as well as the comparison to the previous year and to the actual consumption.

Costs at a glance

The forecast module is compatible with the standard controlling processes for budget determination and monitoring. At the push of a button, the plan/actual comparison is made at the level of the respective counter or register. You can make your own forecasts independently of the system's automatically generated forecast values. With the budget and forecast module, you can calculate the energy budget on the basis of predefined energy quantities and tariffs already stored in advance. If necessary, you can export the result as an overview of all meters.

Forecast and reality

So that you as the user can keep track of the annual value during the current year, the function always provides an evaluation of the percentage deviation per month and forecasts the year. This gives you an overview of whether further measures need to be taken or whether you are currently well on schedule. You can also store notes for planned variances. Reasons or reminders are therefore always in view while you are looking at the forecast values. This allows you to immediately explain an increase in consumption, for example if an additional ventilation system has been installed during the course of the year.

This module is available in the Enterprise Edition.