29. March 2020

Public authorities obliged to purchase energy efficiently

On March 18, 2020, the German government adopted the revised version of the General Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of energy efficient services. For the public sector, this means that procurers must always purchase goods and products with the highest available efficiency class as defined by the EU regulation on energy labelling.

If such a performance level is not available, procurement must be based on the highest achievable performance level in terms of energy efficiency. These obligations apply to both national and European-wide contracts.

Further regulations planned

This regulation on energy-efficient purchasing is intended to be a further step towards climate-neutral administration and support the climate protection goals of the German government. In addition to this recently adopted General Administrative Regulation, the Federal Government also intends to draw up a General Administrative Regulation on climate-friendly public procurement. This should then refer specifically to climate-relevant products and services.