14. December 2018

So New Year's Eve isn't the only reason to celebrate

The New Year is approaching. Let me guess: the list of good New Year resolutions is almost the same as last year - stop smoking, eat healthier, do more sports. You probably discarded most of your good resolutions shortly after the turn of the year. Same procedure every year ...

Change of scenery

Imagine it's December 31, 2019. You look back on the year and proudly notice that this time you have actually implemented your resolution! And how!

You are now a user of powerful energy management software. Your old system had worked more poorly than right anyway, and it was only a limited relief to your work. Finally you have brought your energy management up to speed. You no longer have to be in the dark without knowing exactly which adjusting screw to turn. You work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes. You no longer have to bother with the tedious adjustment in various systems or even Excel tables. You simply map adjacent processes, such as your energy cost allocation, in your new energy management software.

A firework of features

You now have professional energy management software that lets you do most of the annoying click work automatically, that allows you to conveniently map all changes at any time, that lets you have an app with OCR scanning, that uses artificial intelligence to unerringly report those meters that are out of line, that you can use to measure your energy performance indicators and measures, that you can use to easily approach your ISO 50001 certification.

Need more arguments? Contact us and we will show you the fireworks of functions. The best thing is: In IngSoft InterWatt the fireworks are not over after a few minutes. You will enjoy it in the long run.

What's stopping you?

It sounds too good to be true? Believe me, the implementation of this New Year's resolution demands far less of you than all the other recurring resolutions of recent years.

So if you proudly want to be among those who have achieved your goals next year, talk to us. We support you so that you do not just celebrate New Year's Eve. Make energy management a celebration with us!

Make your New Year's resolution a reality now!