20. June 2018

The three biggest mistakes in energy management

In order to make the best possible use of the potential savings in energy management, the topic requires regular attention by the user. Experience has shown that these are the most frequently committed errors:

The controlling is conducted irregularly or not in a timely manner.

One of the biggest mistakes in energy management is irregular controlling. If the incoming data is not checked regularly and promptly, missing data or other irregularities might be detected too late or not at all. This in turn can lead to unnecessary energy consumption or waste of energy. IngSoft InterWatt makes a valuable contribution here by importing data promptly and checking it immediately for plausibility. Thus you always keep the overview.

Raw data are not fully used.

Often incoming raw data is only used to a limited extent. Just checking whether raw data is plausible or complete is not enough to obtain comprehensive information on energy consumption and savings potential. Use your available raw data to create meaningful key figures. In IngSoft InterWatt you can freely define any key figures relevant to you. This allows you to assess the progress of your energy efficiency much more precisely.

No measures are taken.

Energy efficiency can only be increased in the long term if appropriate conclusions are drawn and concrete measures are implemented on the basis of energy controlling. Only then will your energy management come to life and energy efficiency be increased. The use of an energy management software and the analysis based on it are the basis. The implementation of consistent measures ultimately determines the success and failure of your energy management. With IngSoft InterWatt you can check the impact of your actions with the help of key figures. These user-defined key figures can be configured in the software according to your requirements.