08. May 2019

Time change will end - act now!

From spring or autumn 2021, there will no longer be a change between summer and winter time. At the end of March 2019, the EU Parliament decided by a large majority to end the time changeover. The Commission has now called on the national states to state by April 2020 whether summer time or winter time will be permanently retained in the respective country. However, one thing is certain: the abolition of the time change will have an impact on your energy management. So take all the necessary precautions in good time. Time is running out.

Central data storage and evaluation

Any form of software that deals with time must be adapted to the elimination of the time changeover. It can be assumed that the operating system manufacturers (Microsoft, Apple, Google etc.) will provide timely updates for servers, workstations and smartphones - in some cases it will also work without updates, as most systems draw their time from the internet.

The actual application software also needs corresponding updates. For IngSoft InterWatt the updates will be rolled out in time. On the other hand, a regular supply of updates is by no means standard for building and process automation systems, for example. Here it is important to take action in good time to find out whether such updates are offered at all or whether the abolition of the time change is ultimately the reason for a system change.

Data acquisition devices in the field

The situation in the field can become difficult. Devices such as controllers, data loggers and intelligent meters often have their own integrated clocks. Actually a fine thing, since control actions or data acquisition are also possible without a connection to the control center. If the time change is omitted, the integrated clocks become a problem. Ultimately, the situation must be checked for each individual device:

  • Some devices already work with UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) today - there is no need for action here, at least with pure recording devices.
  • Devices that work with local time and manage the time change on the basis of a comparison with a time server probably do not need an update.
  • In all other cases, especially if the devices have their own time change logic, there is a need for action.

It will take time to determine which devices are installed in the field, to determine whether there are any integrated clocks and, if so, to find a remedy. If no software updates are available, a replacement may be necessary. Considering this, the time until 2021 is tight.

IngSoft is getting ready

Users of IngSoft InterWatt do not need to worry about the central energy management software. Server and client components are converted in time. Only in the case of individual interfaces to upstream systems such as CAFM, building management systems or process control engineering systems it may be necessary to inform IngSoft of any changes to the upstream systems resulting from the elimination of the time change and, if necessary, to agree on interface adaptations.