02. September 2021

Together against the garbage

Energy management is growing ever closer together with environmental management. This is also increasingly required by law. It is one of many building blocks of the energy transition. One possible measure is the exact evaluation of the waste in a company. With IngSoft InterWatt you take a close look at your waste.

Representation of material flows

Material flows in different production scenarios describe the path of various raw materials through different stages of further processing up to its disposal. IngSoft InterWatt has been further developed so that material flows can now also be measured. From now on, you can measure, evaluate and analyze a wide variety of substances that are required in your company or are generated as products or waste. And all this without much additional effort.

Waste management with IngSoft InterWatt

The measurement, analysis and evaluation of material flows can be used, among other things, to manage a company's waste. This mainly concerns stations such as the use of raw materials, product output and the corresponding waste. Now these non-energy energy areas can also be quantified. Quantification includes not only the quantity data, but also the resulting costs and emissions.
New meter types and the associated ability to record substance quantities allow you to create input-output balances. In the area of use - input, values can be assigned to the areas of technical heat, electricity, water and raw material use, among others. In the production area - output, measured quantities are assigned and broken down according to waste and product output. It is also possible to break down the costs and emissions of the input-output balances. Core indicators, such as specific energy consumption as a function of production volume or specific packaging consumption as a function of production volume, can be visualized in different representations and compared with each other in different time periods.

Contribution to climate management

Such balances and records of energy and material flows are necessary for environmental management according to ISO 14001 and EMAS. So not only do you get closer to your environmental goals, but you also save time thanks to the automations that IngSoft InterWatt brings along.

Waste management with IngSoft InterWatt in practice

For our customer CSL Behring, we have specifically implemented the material flows waste, raw material input, product output and water treatment in IngSoft InterWatt. Separately collected wastes are mapped as counters and sorted by waste codes. These are assigned to energy areas and summed up.

Would you also like to control your waste management with IngSoft InterWatt - to have more time for the essential things?

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