09. August 2022

Reduce your company's carbon footprint

Your entry into climate protection is your exit from high energy costs.

The road to successfully establishing reliable energy and climate management can seem endless – take the shortcut right now: IngSoft has been assisting customers from all industries with the introduction of energy, environmental and/or climate management for 25 years – use this experience to get results quickly.

Our customised climate management packages for you






Suitable for1 location (with energy costs <= 50,000 €)1 location (with energy costs > 50,000 €)Up to 3 locationsIndividual Offer      
Service package*2.5 consultant days4 consultant days6 consultant days
Identification of the most important detectable emission sources in Scope 3Up to 3 emission sourcesUp to 5 emission sourcesUp to 8 emission sources
Software setupFor up to 25 metersFor up to 50 metersFor up to 100 meters
Participation in a 2-day training course on the software (online or in Nuremberg)1 person1 person2 persons
One time investment3.999 € 5.999 € 8.499 €
Use of the software per month, no minimum term124,50 € mthly.209,00 € mthly.351,00 € mthly. 

  *) Inventory, analysis of the recording possibility, set-up of a web-based software for continuous recording, first recommendations for action, summary in a short report;
Surcharge if an on-site appointment is desired


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