25. February 2019

Why Smart Metering Benefits Energy Management

Smart metering - in Germany this means that consumption is also measured in fine resolution at those connections to the public power grid for which the energy supplier has previously only recorded one value per year.

Previously, a so-called RPM meter was only installed where more than 100,000 kWh per year were measured at one measuring point. RLM stands for recording power measurement and means that power consumption is measured every 1/4 hour. The individual measured values are stored and usually transmitted to the grid operator once a day. Such meters cost the customer several hundred Euro annual fee. Via the standardized MSCONS interface, these values can be automatically read daily into the energy management software IngSoft InterWatt.

Advantage for energy management

The benefit of these high-resolution values for energy management is high. For example, not only deviations from the target state are detected very quickly. It is also possible to analyse in detail how much electricity is consumed at night, on weekends or other times with restricted or special use. IngSoft InterWatt does this particularly well, for example with a grid diagram, see illustration.

This is what the rollout looks like

According to the will of the legislator, in the medium term all electricity consumers with an annual consumption of more than 6,000 kWh or with generation systems (e.g. PV systems) with an output > 7 kW will be recorded by intelligent electricity meters, the so-called smart meters, which are officially called intelligent measuring systems (iMSys). For this purpose, there will be a rollout in which the respective measuring point operator responsible for the basic system will successively retrofit the meters within a few years. In the case of such a mandatory installation, the annual fees for the meter are legally capped.

According to the law, the rollout will start when the Federal Network Agency has ruled that the legal requirements have been met. For years, this failed because there was not a single Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The SMGW is the communication module between the meter and the central office of the metering point operator. Only when there are at least three independent SMGWs with BSI certificates can (and must) start the comprehensive introduction of intelligent metering systems.

A certified SMGW has been available since the end of 2018. Voluntary installation can therefore begin. In view of the fact that there are currently seven more SMGWs in certification, compulsory installation will probably start in a few months' time.

Made for energy management with IngSoft InterWatt

consumers are free to choose another measuring point operator. The latter may theoretically also charge higher fees. Based on the collected data, the metering point operators can also offer value-added services - e.g. prompt dispatch to customer energy management systems such as IngSoft InterWatt.

As an IngSoft InterWatt customer (especially those with many properties), you can easily import high-resolution power consumption values into the energy management software. Already in 2017, IngSoft, together with a measuring point operator, teleseo GmbH, demonstrated in a pilot project that the coupling of iMSys with IngSoft InterWatt is feasible without effort for the user.

According to studies by IngSoft, an average of approx. 25 % of municipal buildings, for example, consume more than 100,000 kWh/a of electricity. They are therefore already recorded with RLM today and could be evaluated in IngSoft InterWatt with high resolution. Another 50% of the buildings have a consumption of between 10,000 and 100,000 kWh/a. You could then also evaluate these with high-resolution power consumption in the software after concluding a corresponding contract with a metering point operator.

Do you also want to be one of the first to profit from the Smart Meter and radically improve your data situation without any effort? Feel free to contact us.