Powerful tool for municipalities

IngSoft InterWatt at the City of Braunschweig

Those responsible in the city of Braunschweig recognised the importance of energy efficiency early on. The city has been actively addressing this issue since the 1980s. Municipal schools, day-care centres and sport facilities were integrated and monitored with the help of a simple energy controlling system. At that time, the market for energy management and the solutions offered were still in their infancy.

For some years now, the topic of energy efficiency has been gaining in importance and is highly topical due to the initiated energy turnaround. Accordingly, there is a wide range of different suitable tools for setting up and operating a long-term energy management system. Today, the city of Braunschweig uses a special energy management software from IngSoft.

Those responsible at the City of Braunschweig wanted to meet the increased requirements, map the expanded consumption structures, which now include around 490 energy properties, and, in particular, obtain transparency about the ever-increasing energy costs. To do this, they needed a professional and powerful energy controlling software. After a thorough evaluation, they chose IngSoft InterWatt.

Long list of criteria to be fulfilled

A detailed specification sheet described the requirements and decisive criteria for the future software.

Interfaces to both the INGA building management system (currently being implemented) and the CAFM software from init (including continuous synchronisation) had to be guaranteed. Historical invoice data had to be imported smoothly and incoming utility invoices had to be reliably controlled. An extensive and detailed recording, display and evaluation of the meter and consumption structures were a prerequisite, as were the automatic recording and monitoring of meter readings. Another criterion was a historised recording of areas and structures. Extensive customised reporting options were also expected.

Why IngSoft InterWatt was chosen

IngSoft InterWatt stood out from other competitors not only because the system was able to fulfil the criteria described in the specifications. "In particular, we were convinced by the wide range of functions, which no other software participating in the tender had," says Bastian Günther, responsible for energy management in the Department of Building Construction and Facility Management of the City of Braunschweig.

Customised functions for specific needs

In order to take the specific needs of the city of Braunschweig into account in the best possible way, IngSoft also implemented some custom developments. On the one hand, a controlling report was developed. On the other hand, the monitoring functions were extended to include the entry of validity rules for specific days and periods by means of a calendar, as well as the display of relative deviations from target values.

IngSoft InterWatt had the largest range of functions compared to other energy management software. The software was able to fulfil both the criteria that were absolutely necessary for us as well as the optional requirements right away. In addition, some individual developments were made for us as requested in order to further support our energy management. From my point of view, the software is a powerful tool, especially for municipal concerns, and is to be recommended for such.

Bastian Günther of the Energy Control Centre Administrator:

One software - many benefits

Since the introduction of the software, those responsible for energy management have benefited above all from the versatile automation options, benchmarking and monitoring functions. They can thus ensure sustainable and consistent energy management. In external and internal communication with specialised municipal offices, engineering firms and urban communities, the energy managers benefit from the numerous options for generating target group-specific reports and evaluations. In addition, invoice verification is supported by tariff maintenance in IngSoft InterWatt.

Cooperation with IngSoft

Not only the software was convincing. In the day-to-day work, especially when formerly unused components of the software are to be integrated, the service offered by IngSoft is of great use. "The collaboration between IngSoft and the City of Braunschweig is direct and uncomplicated," says Bastian Günther.

He emphasises the support. Instructions, troubleshooting or tips on how to use the software are quickly carried out or given by telephone calls, also with the help of remote maintenance software, he explains.

With a population of around 250,000, Braunschweig is the second largest city in Lower Saxony after Hanover. Especially under the influence of Henry the Lion, Braunschweig became a strong trading and economic centre. After the emblem of this duke, the city's emblem today is also the lion. The city's most famous personalities include Ricarda Huch and Carl Friedrich Gauss. The department of building and facility management is responsible for the management of the approximately 720 municipal buildings. Energy management is also part of this department. About 300 employees, including engineers, administration, maintenance and cleaning services, as well as the building services, manage a total building area of 820,000 m². The annual energy and water costs amount to around twelve million euros.

Use of IngSoft InterWatt since: 2010
Licence scope in registers (data points): 7,000

Weather data: DWD data by e-mail - manual input
CAFM: fm-online from the company init
GLT: IBS 8 from the company Inga Hameln
Data logger BTR
Maintenance meter reading sheets Paper invoices from the utilities