We regularly organize training courses in various formats and focusing on different topics. In our view, this forms part of a comprehensive and professional service for interested parties, customers and partners.
Here is a brief overview of our varied training offerings. Detailed information regarding the date, location, costs, terms and conditions, and individual training agenda may be found under Events.

This free, one-day event is aimed at those who are looking for an introduction to the system and/or would like to learn about suitable software. It does not matter which industry you come from (e.g. trade, industry, utility provider, municipalities or energy consultant). In this seminar, you will learn the basic options of using our software solution IngSoft InterWatt to harmonize economic success with ecological commitment. We will show you a first system overview and a classification of the software within the scope of energy management as well as the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. Numerous practical exercises under the expert guidance of our application consultants give you an insight into the mode of operation and applications of IngSoft InterWatt.

The paid, two-day IngSoft InterWatt basic training program is primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at new employees of existing customers, who have not yet taken part in a seminar and would like to deepen their knowledge in handling IngSoft InterWatt. However, those who have previous experience in dealing with energy management software are also invited to the basic training program. In addition to the basic features, we will show you the new features and applications of the recent releases. In this context, we also gladly deal with specific topics and issues in consultation with the participants. The following content is dealt with during this chargeable event:

• Definition of basic concepts of energy controlling and introduction to the topic
• Presentation of the relationship between energy controlling and energy management (ISO 50001 requirements)
• Illustration of the energy controlling system - IngSoft InterWatt
• Mentioning all relevant software features and options
• Help with the transfer of reality to the concepts used by the system
• Practical exercises

This paid one-day seminar is aimed at existing users with previous knowledge in operating IngSoft InterWatt. We will introduce you to individual key topics during this event. Each event has a different expert seminar with different content. The features that are dealt with in the seminar will be notified in the relevant agenda in time. Practical exercises will introduce you to the various applications.

We firmly believe that our mutual market success can only be guaranteed in the long run if we can jointly offer the best possible quality. The basis for this is that you as a partner have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of our software, and we understand the requirements that you face from your customers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for technical exchange at the highest level. This free seminar is aimed at the technical specialists/users of our partner companies. In-depth knowledge of IngSoft InterWatt is required. This event is designed like a workshop and is enriched by the experience of the participants. As a participant, you will get to know the latest features of IngSoft InterWatt and get an overview of proposed developments. It is a great opportunity for a lively exchange between other users/partners and our training manager.

As an experienced IngSoft InterWatt user, you have the opportunity to share your experience with other IngSoft InterWatt users, our product management and software development teams, as well as gain from theirs. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the current developments of the recent months and to get an outlook on upcoming changes. Where possible, a participant also reports on the own practical application of a specific feature in IngSoft InterWatt.